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Expressive Fine Jewelry Crafted with Love

Inspired by the Magical Universe

SYU Jewelry is designed by Nina Hu and is predominantly bespoke. Based in Canada, Nina grew up under the influence of her father, a master in traditional ink-wash painting and calligraphy. Her creations are an exquisite blend of Eastern and Western styles. She draws inspiration from nature and ancient wisdom, expressing her vision in an elaborate fashion. 



SYU Jewelry works with skilled artisans from overseas and sources high-quality gemstones mainly from Thailand, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. Each gem was ethically sourced and carefully selected. All the pieces are crafted under safe and humane working conditions.


In pursuit of timeless beauty and long-lasting value, SYU Jewelry ensures that each creation is original and of the utmost quality and is willing to go the extra mile for perfection.

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